at club level

2000: The Year In Review

AC/DC 2001

Acoutic Evening at Jackson's

Allette Brooks


Mario Barmosca

Bob Dylan "Time Out Of Mind"

Bourbon Jones at HOB, LA (2000)

Johnny Cash, HOB, LA 10/3/97

Nick Cave at the Wiltern

CD Reviews 6/00, including
"Love, God, Murder," Alibi and Cody Weston

CD Reviews 12/00, including
"American III: Solitary Man" and "If I Could Only Fly"

Guy Clark at the Troubador

Jennifer Corday at The Lava Lounge

Cuba Las Vegas

The Dibs

Dead Man Walking Benefit

The Donnas/Toilet Boys

Steve Earle

The Magic of Don Lee Ellis

The Fauntleroys

Nanci Griffith

Johnny Jones (1998)

Johnny Jones and
The Suffering Halos (2000)

Johnny Jones 2001(1998)

La Nuit Cabaret

Little Big Band

Lisa Lonzello

Mors Syphillitica/
The Autumns

My Surprize, The Fauntleroys
and Mal Daddy at Tracey's

Wink Musselman
and the Quartet of Shame

Sinead O'Connor at Universal Amphitheater

Paul Simon & Bob Dylan
at the Hollywood Bowl

Wednesday Nights at the Que Sera

Red Elvises
Your Favorite Band!

Sonny Boy & The BBQ Thugs


U2 "PopMart"

Tom Waits "Mule Variations"

Lucinda Williams

Wind of Change

Warren Zevon at The Coach House

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