From: Pete Brooks, author
To: Sander Wolffe (sp?), editor
Re: Column on LB musician Zach Malner

Hi Sander sorry so late! Here it is.

I'm happy to report that I've just finished reading it through,
and I actually really like it! It's a fun read. Zach is a great

I'm still working on my intro give me another 24 hours for
the final few paragraphs, will you? I want to get this right.
But here is the bulk of the piece, ready for the time-consuming
task of editing and formatting. Hopefully mostly formatting!


As for the Q&A, I think I've got it whipped mostly into shape.
The fact is, Zach's a natural-born poet, and I tried to keep his
words intact as much as possible. Mostly what I deleted were
circuituous tangents, pointless digressions and thoroughly if
unintentionally insensitive jokes or threads (betcha didn't think
I had it in me, did you!).

But I believe the poetry of his imagination remains intact, and
that ought to tell us more about Zach's art than the mundane
details of his life and background I was unable to glean from
him ever could have. Right?

Also, I did get him to go on at some length about his band,
Thu Winners, and my girlfriend asked him lots of smart
questions about stuff only smart people and artists would
know about, so I think I got all the bases covered.

Thanks for letting me write about Zach.
I love that crazy bastard!


PS: Hopefully everyone will understand we were only kidding
about giving the dog all that beer. We would never do that.

From: Sander Wolff
To: Pete Brooks
Re: Column on LB musician Zach Malner

Pete, despite Zach's poetic language and witty dialog, I will
be hacking some big chunks. The first part, before the break,
has almost no bearing on anything. Neither does the part
after the break, about the dog, etc.

I'm going to print out all 15 pages and red line until I feel
I have something meaningful. When I'm done I'll send it
back for your approval.

From: Pete Brooks, author
To: Sander Wolff, editor
Re: Malner Column


Do as thou wilt. I saw the early stuff as establishing-character
type stuff (for people who DON'T know Zach). But of course,
the final edit is yours!


(Note to self: Remember to post uncut Zach interview on own website)